Added a Now Page to my Hugo Blog

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Right now?

What’s a now page?

Well, the person behind it, Derek Sivers, explains it best on his blog .

How to add a now page for Hugo

Derek’s explanation doesn’t include how to do it with Hugo! Since some people might be interested in that, and it’s not 100% the same formula as adding a new post, here’s how:

hugo new

…Wait, that’s it 😅. Just don’t write the posts/ you normally do when running hugo new. This should add a page under /now. I suggest adding a link to it somewhere on your site for discoverability - I added mine to the /about page.

What should I write there?

I found a few local blogs via the Israel 🇮🇱 section of nownownow. It was really interesting and gave me an idea of what I do and don’t want to share.

Will you update it?

I’ve added a scheduled task on Logseq with repeats, so I hope it will keep me honest about this :) Once every six months should be enough, so see y’all in November.

repeated task

Shay Nehmad


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2024-05-22 18:34 +0300