Make Git Better CTF


TLDR - where do I start

Click right here to start. Good luck!

What is this?

A Capture-The-Flag challenge (what’s that?), aimed at intermediate git users, that revolves around git. You advance in the challenge by using git commands to get the flag that unlocks the next stage.

Cool, where do I sign up?

🈚 The challenge is totally free and open-source! No signup, payment, or bla-bla required. I do recommend contacting me if you plan to try the challenge.

My git workshop ⚒

This CTF is a part of a git workshop I’ve conducted multiple times. Some information about the workshop:

If you want the workshop for your organization, contact me and let’s set it up 🤙




All you need to play the challenge is:

You probably have all three installed on your machine already.

The game server 🔨


Here’s what you should expect to be installed on the CTF server you’re going to log in to.

Everything else you need to solve the CTF is installed on the machine: no need for any other external tools.


These rules are 100% based on the honor system 🤝🏽

Cool, so where do I begin?

Right here, good luck.

Hall of Fame 🏆

Read here to get a list of everyone who’s completed the challenge!

The challenge is open source

The challenge is open-source and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

You can read about how the challenge was built in my development log blog post series. The challenge is made up of two (main) repositories:

If you want to contribute new levels you can refer to the README to get started. I recommend you open your own fork of the two repositores and talk to me about your plans before you start working.