The first Post

The blank page

So many possibilities, but so much anxiety. How do I make this interesting? Who will even read this? Have I picked the best theme? What should my other posts be? How do I go forward from here? Is this for me, or for you?

Here’s a poem about it as well if you thought I wasn’t dramatic enough

Beating the blank page / Alan j Wright

A Battle-Cry for the Brave Young Writer.

Hello blank page

Iā€™m here to let you know

You hold no fear for me

I come prepared

For above all things, I am a mighty writer

A writer armed with fearless words

And clever, tenacious ideas

Your unmarked surface

Your dazzling, papery blankness

Are no match for a word warrior

Such as me

I shall stare you down

I shall annoy you

I shall employ you

I shall destroy you one word at a time

Watch as you yield to the irresistible spread of my words

My powerful phrases

My vivid verbs

My agile adjectives

Letter by letter

Bit by bit

Your landscape will be transformed

Your emptiness filled

You hold no fear for me Blanky- Blank Page

For I remain a mighty writer

And I shall stare you down

Take my word for it.